It's funny because we all know exactly who they're talking about.

World's Greatest Friend Sends Ridiculous Benedict Cumberbatch Name Variations. my friend would have picked up on what I was trying to say by text lol

I either dress like I'm going to a red carpet event or like I'm a homeless drug addict there is no in between / did you mean: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: the only man alive that can get away with wearing nothing but a sheet to Buckingham Palace

pretty much yeah..

More like "Hell naw!" He should be with John. >:(<<<< exactly<<<<I ship Johnlock and Sherlolly both couples are great

Books > Anderson @Olivia García García Bastien @Madi Smoot Smoot @Dana Curtis Curtis Gavin

Anderson lowers the IQ of the entire street when he opens his mouth. // NO one wants to be like Anderson.

He forgets to mention it's the main character's partner. Bringing on the tears since the early days!

<<and this is why we both hate and love Sherlock. Because this maniac gets to. Oh, I dunno. Throw Sherlock of a building or something

I swear, my whole family laughed!

i'd say you're a popular choice at the moment gifset - - sherlock series 3 episode 2 the sign of three

benedict cumberbatch

File Under Hand Porn Benedict does have the most beautiful hands but this portrait is really wonderful. Photography: Colin Hutton file under porn in general File under JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL