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Nonpareils for shingles! Brilliant! Can't wait to introduce the kids to gingerbread houses this year.

Smartie-bread house, Come and see some of the best gingerbread houses ever. From the Houses of Parliament to massive gingerbread mansions, this collection is sure to boggle your mind

Gingerbread Christmas Cottage

Gingerbread Christmas Cottage

Gingerbread Houses - Celebrate Christmas with a classic holiday tradition—a homemade gingerbread house! Browse through these festive recipes for gingerbread houses to learn how to make a gingerbread house.

Gingerbread party. Everyone gets a homemade graham cracker house and ice cream cone tree. This looks so fun!

Christmas Fun: A Gingerbread Playdate

Fill with cake batter and bake first maybe?

Did these last yr in my classroom and the kids LOVED them! Doing it again this yr Waffle Cone Christmas Trees!

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fairy cottage cake---like a gingerbread house meets cake meets Christmas village house. So pretty!

Christmas cuteness! Order your cookie boxes & handmade gingerbread houses by Wednesday, Dec. 17th for a Christmas delivery!

Order your cookie boxes & handmade gingerbread houses by Wednesday, Dec. for a Christmas delivery!


“Home Sweet Home” Gingerbread Cottage Recipe -I love to see the end of a project, like this Christmas cottage—but my favorite part is the process. It's fun to watch the gingerbread, icing and candy decorations come together creatively.

Decorated Pretzel Cabins.  The kids would enjoy these.   For edible creations; melt white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate on wax paper then add the logs.

how stinking cute is this - a house, barn and dog house made from pretzels Worth Pinning: Decorated Pretzel Cabins

Love this sugar cube house!

Sugar Cube House---This will keep the kids going for days! Just put microfiber cloths on their little feets add a sugar cube house and voila! You wont have to sweep for a month!