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Suomi Finland Prkl

Suomi Finland Prkl (For Foreigners)


50 degrees in Florida vs. 50 degrees in Wisconsin. if I hear one more time "it's so cold" when it's over 50 degrees. try shoveling snow honey.

This gives me a special feeling in the cockles of my heart, maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub-cockle area... - Imgur

It's like he falls in love with a nice person and the turning to a bear is the metaphorical break up, and the shark is the ex they were running(swimming) from at the start, and they go back to their ex.

This Teachers Drawing Talent

This Teachers Drawing Talent

Aloittaa päiväsi hymy!

Aloittaa päiväsi hymy!

Meanwhile in Finland...  Though I legit recently saw a police officer on a segway just yesterday.

Meanwhile In Finland.haha that's funny. I'm loving the Italy police car. If those were American police cars, I'd become a cop 😜