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Eastern Blue Bird by Dennis Kaczor on 500px

Come on summer. I cannot wait to photograph these Blue Birds once again in the summer.

Desert bird

Male: black face (cap and throat).

chickadee and aspen - Google Search

Mountain Chickadee - Mountain Chickadee - seen at my feeder this morning He would land on the feeder, grab a seed, then off he flew. This was repeated several times.

Cerulean Warbler - Dendroica cerulea  Warblers, with their brilliantly colored feathers, are the tiny jewels of Ohio's bird families. They are very active - constantly flittering around. Most are yellow with black-and-white markings. Their plumage varies considerably from spring to fall, juvenile to adult, and male to female. The tail is square, often with white markings. #wildohio #ohiobirds

The Cerulean warbler's scientific name is Dendroica cerulea. They are a beautiful small sky-blue warbler. The male's belly is white, and their sides and back have black.