This artist is my hero. I want to publish another book just so her work can be on the cover.

Inspiring Quilling Designs, Paper Crafts and Unique Gift Ideas for Valentines Day / Design, Decorating and Renovation Ideas and Inspiration

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Quilling anthurium

Quilling anthurium All the good time! To work needed materials and tools - paper strips for Quilling - glue

Sabeena Karnik comes with strips of paper of different colours to create beautiful typography. It has also recently played the alphabet so we offer 26 all creations more beautiful than the others to discover images in the future.

Paper Typography

Paper quilling letters is one of the best way to use quilling ideas to make beautiful letters and patterns.Sabeena Karnik paper quilling is popular.

Quilling - this says it all ...

Paper Quilled Art Roundup