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Caroq_color by aria-n on DeviantArt

Indonesia superhero, copyright Thoriq great pencil by color by me Caroq_color


Godam custom action figure from the DC Universe series created by fujimiya.

Caroq - superhero / pahlawan super asli indonesia

Caroq - superhero / pahlawan super asli indonesia

Caroq Mlumpat by aria-n on DeviantArt

nongol ora suwe Character by Thoriq Pencil By :Ardiansyaf: Color by: Me.

Gatotkaca 02 colour by Kofee77 on DeviantArt

Gatotkaca 02 colour by on DeviantArt

Gina by AdmiraWijaya

this picture going to be the tribute for Mr Gerdi WK father of Gina.viva comic indonesia i use Photoshop more than 6 hour to finish and polish of thi.

Bornman - Made in JTOKU

Bornman - Made in JTOKU