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I'll take waiting over settling any day of the week. Never settle for anything less than you deserve!

While I'm waiting I will serve You. While I'm waiting I will worship. While I'm waiting I will not faint. I'll be running THE race. Even while I wait.


For my sewing/craft room- "Where I create, there I am true" Rainer Maria Rilke

Finally it's right! Someone else had said, "If you've ever washed your hands ten times in one day, gone back to check you locked the car three times in five minutes or been unable to concentrate on what the teacher was saying because he didn't rub ALL the chalk off the board near the edges ... then you'll totally understand this :)". Yep, CDO.

I have CDO. It's like OCD but all the letter are in alphabetical order .

I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.... this . . . this . . . is not okay. IM NOT OKAYYYYY  NOT OAAKKAAYYYYAAYYYY

I'm gonna go cry in a corner now. nope nope nope IM NOT OKAY!

Teaching for Fame and Money: Anchor Charts & Classroom Management

Here's a nice anchor chart for voice levels. I love the notion of "spy talk."I wonder if a hand signal or an arrow would help the kids to know what voice level they need.