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Got damn mind

Got damn mind

In this episode of Brits Think They're Soooo Special.<<so here we have another obnoxious American. Honey we Brits are much GREATER than yall '<<< US BRITS RULE THE WORLD <<< Why are they obnoxious?

What tumblr does to you

So what I'm hetting is you turn hella cute and hella gay sign me the fuck up.

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Fuck everything I'm gonna name my kids sans and asriel (love this names) maybe Vincent

Any. Damn. Cookie

Any cookie can be bite-sized if you're willing to become the joker.

2,410 points • 170 comments - The zucchini bandidtos - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

The zucchini bandidtos

My mom is dumping a ton of zucchini on me! >>The zucchini bandidtos

Chris Pratt plays in the mud for that "legit" look

Chris Pratt plays in the mud for that 'legit' look

10 Memes !#9 Why There Is Always Only 3 Lanes Open In Walmart?

Dogs around the world: why are you pretending to throw ball, DAVE!

sell my first born to know how this story started

Drake Bell Josh Peck Drake Parker Josh Nichols Drake and Josh Nickelodeon Drake's story

Funny (and sometimes messed up) tumblr compilation... My favorite is the sticker post because that accurately describes why I collect them

Funny tumblr compilation

I'll buy America for 2 goat omg I am legit crying over this at in the morning omg😂😂

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