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Riruka by on deviantART

Adventures with Zangetsu - Gravity by TheGreatHushpuppy on DeviantArt

Do you think Zangetsu ever forgets he lives on the side of a building? I have a theory that he super glues everything he has to the sides of the buildin. Adventures with Zangetsu - Gravity

Bleach - Rukia Kuchiki

Hey, im benihime^.^ my fandoms are mostly anime but im also a huge supernatural/sherlock/lotr/book geek.

Resultado de imagen para , Bleach

dedicated to all bleach fans. HD Wallpaper and background photos of *Ichigo Returns* for fans of Bleach Anime images.

Nouveau Oc: Mei-Ling par unicornchen sur deviantART

Yay another bleach oc xD That is Rin Kamiya. Well, she's based on my sister's Naruto Oc Mizuki [link] my sister.

We have a shinigami-hollow-quincy hybrid!

We have a shinigami-hollow-quincy hybrid! Bleach x Hulk x Pirates of the Carribean