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Tall Girl Problem #234 - but not all guys are like this! :))

Tall Girl Problem - so true. it sucks I'm taller than almost everyone I know and all guys like shorter girls better :P

Tall girls- experience things different

And the inevitable person that sits in front of you that HAS to lay their seat back immediately after takeoff. Although, both ways i had an extra leg room seat, so i didn't have that problem!

I hate being able to see my ankles!! So if the pants aren't longs I'm not buying

This is seriously the biggest prob I have finding jeans that reach my ankles when I'm riding my horses 😁

Scraped my knuckles really bad on the ceiling once. Now I always check for clearance before stretching.

Tall Girl Problem Hitting your hands on the ceiling fans, lights, etc when you're stretching. I'm surprised I still have fingers, ceiling fans are DANGEROUS!

Tall Girl Problems- I cant tell you how many ppl ask me this!

Tall Girl Problems - When the basketball girls are the popular ones (and you're not overly fond of them) this really sucks