Lol! Mali-koa's response to that! Busted calum!! Calums sister is the new queen

Mali-koa's response to that! Calums sister is the new queen<< I'm sorry but the queen is still Liz Hemmings, but this is genius indeed

hes a good luke hes michaels favorite  she’s saved for his band she knows he'll make it hes not good at school he’s very truant he can’t speak french but i am fluent  cause every night he plays hard in his room at least thats what his band mates assume but he sneaks out the window to be with his guitar heres what he told be the time that i caught them

He's played Call of Duty. He thinks he'll make it. >> He finished school, was never truant.

I don't even care to be honest he can still father my children is that wrong oh well I don't care I mean have you seen him lately oh good lord

best friend goals.

:( Who would ever want to kill Luke? :'(<< This is an example of "I had a dream about you last night." But the good thing is, Calum killed the guy who killed Luke so yeah

ok so i'm going to a 5sos  concert and would like to run my outfit by y'all idk why i just do ok so imma wear a redplaid shirt (idiot on the back) skinny jeans and tank under the shirt and converse and my hair in a messy bun black nails Oh and im dyeing my hair red so? What do yall think ❓

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So proud!!! Waiting for the tour next year, 4th May, Portugal will be waiting for them...

I have two dreams to meet the 5 seconds of summer. Atleast take a picture with one of them for them to remember me somehow or remember my name just think of me when they think of their fans I wish I could tag the rest of the band xx

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Everyone should be looking at cal ;(>> lmao cal is my favorite so this makes me sad :( why you leave my bae? You are left right next to Calum fucking Hood and don't even pay attention to him?

♕✦∘only in darkness can you see the stars∘✦♕

They're the few people i know of who are taller than me yet i hear ones sad and i want to hug them for the next 12 years and make sure they feel better again. I mean dude theyre I'm 15 wth.