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If you kiss andy in the rain, you twos eye makeup will run together and get in Your eyes and then you will start crying for will and that will hurt so fucking bad but that's ight.as long as I getta kiss andy.

Sleeping with sirens I think I can't really see, black veil brides, my chemical romance, Peirce the veil, falling in reverse these are not in order so....

(top to bottom) Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and Pierce The Veil; BVB forever :D

Omg Jake looks so different like that...

Omg Jake looks so different like that.<< and jinxx and then Ashley fucking Purdy is just like "What the fuck is maturing"

Awh. Andy's grown up so much. I mean, he's been totally hot the whole time. But you know..

Andy Biersack // Andy Sixxx // The Prophet // Black Veil Brides // BVB Army // the changes throughout the years

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i just really love the first part of this, Hot lips dirty hips sexy smile andy style

Run Andy run!

I love when I Andy was like "AHHHHHHH that's the sound Jesus is going to make when he comes back. And then Bryan and Matt are just dieing this is one of my fave Byran Starzzzz interview lol