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raw vegan ✌ Turkish delight cheesecake with superfood cacao choc peices, topped with fresh raspberries and raw cacao chocolate

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raw chocOlate pudding (healthy, super easy and delicious)

Banana, almond butter and cocoa. raw chocOlate pudding (healthy, super easy and delicious)

30 Popsicle Recipes

Ice Pops - Martha Stewart Food- The secret to making an ice pop soft and smooth instead of unforgivingly hard like an ice cube is simple: sugar. This sweet stuff lowers the freezing point of a liquid and acts as a lubricant between ice crystals.

Bowl of goodness this morning with @stylerunner

My life in colors on a sunny morning from week. Beetroot chia-almond pudding with loooots of fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, cacao-macadamia clusters and chia-mix sprinkles. Ready for a new week chia hippielaneapp eattherainbow