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fact about boys vs. fact about girls Yeah people are like why do u like so many people girl. They are just crushes I only have one guy in my heart ❤️

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This describes my current crush perfectly. I mean, he knows I like him but besides that it describes my crush.

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I want someone who will sit on a rooftop with me at 2 in the morning and will tell me their favorite songs and their family problems and how they think earth was made.

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I don't know if this has ever officially happened with any guy I was crushing on, besides my childhood crush, and the guy that won't leave my mind now.

Admit it. Every girl wants a boyfriend who

Admit it. Every girl wants a boyfriend. so true i may not act like it but i fantasize daily of having a boyfriend like anyone else

I did that once. The guy I had a crush on turned around, smiles picked it up for me and handed it to me. I was blushin' hard. Lol woo, that was a good day.

One time when I did this my pen flew across the room and smacked my friend in the face. I had the hardest time holding back my giggles while she stared at me so confused as to why I threw my pen at her.

★ Ah never thought about this.  But there is always one person that comes to your mind isn't there?

And suddenly all the love songs were about you. about the stupid imaginations i made up in my head that will probably never come true.