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Modern Finnish Design Sauna Kyly by Avanto Architects

A Modern Spa/sauna in Finland by Avanto Architects, Remodelista. --incredible rawness of wood, pared down aesthetic

Cool forest sauna by the water, Finland

Sauna built into hillside at Chilkat? Beautiful Finnish Saunas and Sauna Culture

someday I'd love to have a sauna at my house. Indoor/outdoor. I don't care. Just a small space to sit and relax and let the heat melt the impurities and stress away.

This 3 person sauna takes up little space and turns any bathroom into a getaway.

Denizen Sauna by Denizen Works + Friends

Denizen Sauna by Denizen Works + Friends

A mobile sauna in Finland, built/designed by the London-based architects Denizen Works I felt this little cabin on skids (making it ".

WABI SABI - simple, organic elegance the Scandinavian way.  Wonderful possibilities. Only the limits of your imagination can get in the way........so be 'open'

mA-style: ant house mA-style: ant house ‘ant house’ by mA-style architects, omaezaki-city, shizuoka, japan image © kai nakamura all images courtesy of mA-style architects shizuoka-based mA-style.

The floating sauna by goCstudio in Union Bay, Seattle. Accessed by kayak, the sauna will create an enticing refuge from the city, a moment to escape, relax and reinvigorate.

goCstudio is raising funds for FLOATING SAUNA on Kickstarter! goCstudio's design for a wood-fired floating sauna aims for a 2015 spring construction and summer launch!

Hej, kul att du hittat hit!   Jag heter My Vestlund och driver eget som fotograf. Våren 2013 tog jag studenten efter 3 år på It-mediaprogrammet, John Bauer. Just nu studerar jag vidare inom fotografi på Fotolinjen, Kulturama i Stockholm.   Förutom att bevara ögonblick på bild så är jag hemskt förtjust i läppstift, träning och livets goda ting.

Small bathroom saunas can be as impressive as bigger home spas. Here we have Harvia Kivi heater.

A Modern Spa in Finland: Remodelista

Modern Finnish Design Sauna Kyly by Avanto Architects Kyly is a massive wood sauna designed by Avanto Architects from Helsinki .