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Oikotie Sisustus | Arkkitehti rakensi viljasiilosta kodin - Oikotie Sisustus

190 sf grain silo tiny house sleeping area, designed and renovated by architect Christoph Kaiser - Images © Mark Lipczynski/Dwell

This is a 190 sq. ft. modern grain silo tiny house. It was professionally designed and renovated by architect Christoph Kaiser. This tiny home was originally featured on Dwell. Please enjoy and re-...

Would You Live In a Converted Grain Silo? A grain silo converted into a 190 sq ft home

tiny house living room with sectional

Tiny House Living Room Idea with Corner Sofa and Bookshelf from a Tiny Porter's Cottage. Maine Island Sustainable Cabin by Alex Scott Porter Design

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15 Anti-Mainstream Living Space Design From Grain Bin House

Grain Silo Converted Into A Texas Loft Apartment - reminds me of a very special weekend tiny house from my childhood. we would call it Cyrk (Circus)

Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

Space Saving Beds: 10 Must Sees for Apartment Dwellers

This Hanging Bed Is the Ultimate Tiny Apartment Hack yup.still love the hanging bed.but with wall space by head board or on side with cubbys for storage

How One Geek Created an Amazing Wall Mural with No Drawing Skills, Just Technology

Painting Seven Samurai still onto a wall - with no drawing skills whatsoever. Wouldn't do Samurai but the possibilities are endless!