Os animais humanizados de Kim Nguyen

Vietnamese illustrator Kim Nguyen has created this stunning illustration series titled "Anthros" that features humanized animals.

Hmmm... What to Choose? Every Time I play a Strategy game involving to choose your title

Hmmm... What to Choose?

If i had to choose,wizard, rogue, or paladin. Those 3 have always been my favorite 3 class in any game with a class system

Brom I love this. M.

Shade Of Blue ~ Bromart + illustrations and paintings

The art of the Theros block gods

The art of the Theros block gods

Fantasy gods (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Good bit of inspiration here- and I'm keen to discuss ideas with folks at any time if you want to comment below :D Edit: Gods from the "Theros" block of Magic the Gathering

Deuses Antigos - Ilustração

Funny pictures about When The Old Gods Return. Oh, and cool pics about When The Old Gods Return. Also, When The Old Gods Return photos.