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Vuoret, Värit, Hiekkakivi, Harjut
Kuvahaun tulos haulle Norja, Trysil majoitus
Sequoia - Punapuu Maailman kolmanneksi suurin punapuu, Presidentiksi kutsuttu sequoia
Glacial-abrasion-ss-2006 - Abraasio (geologia) – Wikipedia
Route aux 18 lacets de Montvernier (Maurienne, Haute-Savoie)  DAT road. #switchbackdoping  jedziemy
Mountain Stream, Torres Del Paine, Chile  photo via besttravelphotos
Virtually every aspect of this shot looks to be faked, from the reflections in the water to the variation in lighting across the countryside. Alas, it's just a well framed photo of an actual lake in Portugal, which does in fact happen to very much resemble a giant blue dragon about to bite the hell out of that city.
Hidden beach
Kuvahaun tulos haulle ulpukka meressä
✮ Famous Limestone Yorkshire Dales - UK

Malham Sunset. Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Terry Roberts Photography