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Proud K-Pop fan! Just cause i listen to k-pop doesnt mean i dont like enlgish music -,- i love my one direction but k-pop has more standards and appreciate more. //BTS- Here standing proud

When people say that they sound alike.... I don't understand how they can't hear the difference?! It's a major difference, I mean it's 3 different languages

Only people who knew this before seeing this post understands how irritating it can be when we hear "It's the same thing" it's not the same thing. They are different ethnic, countries, cultures and language.<<<I'm Korean and this is so true ㅡ ㅡ


This is me, even though I hate hugs happiness does give you that feeling. On the other hand does anybody say little bitch in Ned's voice from the try guys when they had facials done?

the kpop idol life is hard.....so thats why they have supporters like us to g=keep them strong:)

one of the many thing that i love about kpop is how hard the artists work. i swear, they have one of the hardest jobs in the world! yet, people dismiss kpop as being a weird group of untalented asians trying to copy other singers.

I wrote them

Lmao so true I watched it and I was like I gotta accept that these are the ACTUAL subtitles


My comeback when someone insults Kpop. No offense whatsoever to one directioners…

Hilarious.....and ...why yes Taeyang, my husband...that is you on the radio :)

Lol this is perfect Hilarious.why yes GD, my husband.that is you on the radio xD