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Yep. Always that girl that likes that guy she had zero chances with. You knew, fake smile. He thinks you're alright, but you're not...and you're always afraid to tell him that you like him because you're afraid you'll be his second choice, like everyone else, and no matter what he's told you before, no matter how many times he helps you through the harder times, you're his second choice...and it hurts.

I honestly don't feel like I am anybody's first choice. Everyone else has their best friends and i'm just me. Why would I be your first choice? I miss my best friend, I was always her first choice.


We go through life like a corpse. A corpse that someone has breathed life into, when the truth is that we were much more comfortable in death. Now we're stuck this way.

I Want to stop hurting.

I hate feeling reckless, I hate withdrawal. BUT do I hate how unhappy deep inside deep to my core I have really been my whole life. I want to live, I have to live, I have to fight this bullshit!

aesthetic // "you said you would be here for me...... where are you?  where are you?  where are you?"

Wow so today has been shit, flashbacks are horrible and I want to kill myself Look at this text not from me plz dont and sorry for the bad words!

Can't handle this anymore. Everything I ever do is wrong. Nothing is okay anymore. Just when I think I have my life figured out it goes to shit again.

Everything I ever do is wrong. Just when I think I have my life figured out, it all goes swirling down the drain again. please, please, just let me die, now

Museums are just awesome. I love to go to various museums to learn new things and get inspiration.

True. I hate feeling this way... but people keep proving the statement right over and over

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