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Hairshow winner. After winning she flew home.

"Can you just trim it a little bit on the sides, give me some layers, and make it look like a helicopter?" View "Helicopter Hair" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Adult Knit Onesies - crazy fashion sense, but I bet it keeps you warm in the winter! I wonder if it comes in Hi-Viz green with reflectors?

Adult Knit Onesies

A Guy Wearing a Full Body Cable Another example of "just because you CAN knit it, doesn't mean you SHOULD." So made me laugh, no need to worry about what to get the man in your life this Christmas!


Funny, strange and crazy haircuts. Funny, strange and crazy haircuts.

pattern in shaved hair woman | 12) Head for the toy store and buy as many toy soldiers as you can and ...

Things I love: Black and White color schemes Mohawks Checkerboard patterns And they are all together in one haircut LOL

Butterfly Hairstyle = aint nobody got time for that!

Butterfly Hairstyle

Butterfly Hairstyle Burton Burton "Cute Girls Hairstyles" Could you please do a video tutorial for this hairstyle? My sisters are begging for it :) Thank hairstyle Style

Unusual - Odd and Weird Hairstyles

Unusual - Odd and Weird Hairstyles

Hairdresser Scissor Mug by ShopAllTheRage on Etsy

Scissors Mugs Set Of 2 Perfect gift for that special crafter friend or your hair stylist.

All The Best Mullets- i almost want to put this in the "hair- win" board!

All The Best Mullets

These mullets always make me smile book, awkward family photos. This should be the cover.

Picture # 544 A large collection of best hairstyles for women in 2015 (more than images)

We poppin at the krusty krab

We poppin at the krusty krab

Top 25 Weird Hairstyles For Men And Women

Top 25 Weird Hairstyles For Men And Women

Hairstyle, hairdo or the haircut; they all means how is the style of your hair. Hairstyle became one

Messy French Twist

Top 10 Tutorials For Summer Hairstyles