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Stepping into the spot light by Driss Ben Malek on Such a magnificent photo

Horse Colors + Patterns for Artist Reference by ~Ninquetolliel on deviantART

This thing is so helpful. I can never keep the names of paint colors strait. deviantART: More Like Chestnut Color Genetics Chart by ~MagicWindsStables by Lovelylovely

A horse and riders special bond, beautiful creature!

three choices in life: Give up, Give in, or Give it all you've got. Obviously give it all you've got is the only option.

Fly with horses

Arabian Horse Arabian Horse Show - Western Competition Egyptian Stallion Breeding PIntabians~ face is like our Arabian

I never knew this before now!  I hope this is accurate.  I thought it was interesting and am sharing it with you!  :-)

What certain markings meant for Native American war horses. (there are no tribes listed, so I have no idea which specific ones used these markings) could be a fun class lesson

Aaah...who doesn't love this?   www.horseropeconnection.com

The simple joy of a fresh arena, there are a lot of simple joys when it comes to horseback riding


"I cannot horse today, I haz the dumb." Horse looking pretty dumb with his head falling down to the ground. Look at the lady just looking at him tho

this woman held her horses head up for three hours while the tide rose and he was being rescued.

'Like quicksand': Both Nicole Graham and her horse were stuck up to their waists in the mud as the tide was closing in. She stayed with her horse for 3 hours, holding his head above the rising tide while being rescued. Now that's true love.

Girls...and their horses :)

If you cant live without a horse then you re a county girl I love Thai quote


I do this all the time :) when i do it to my sister she glares at me and says "im not a horse you know! Don't cluck at me" Horse Quote Edits - Smokey Hallow Stables