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and you can't change the future because it has already happened

I've had a really shitty life then if this is what my brain decides to show me in my dying moments

conspiracy keanu, keanu reeves meme

conspiracy keanu, keanu reeves meme << oh snap. Then why the fuck God doesn't use mother load on me

Conspiracy Keanu - What if march really has 32 days

Just a prank

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That's some deep shit

That's some deep shit

Downvote to oblivion if you want, I'm just getting tired of everyone acting like their guy/girl has all the answers

because they claim everything as their own lately

What if

:O Then Percabeth wouldn't have fallen in.... You know where. Every time I think about it, I tear up...I might just die of laughing!

Funny pictures about Conspiracy Keanu. Oh, and cool pics about Conspiracy Keanu. Also, Conspiracy Keanu photos.

Stay Gold

What if birds aren't actually singing But screaming because they're scared of heights conspiracy keanu