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Percy's like " I'm awesome ", Franks like "Why is this in my hair?" Jason is like "Get this crap out of my hair NOW!" and Leo is like "I am fabulous"

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Clarisse La Rue, too fabulous. > Sounds good, but I'm fixing your caption: Clarisse La Rue, too fabulous to be true.

Percy Jackson || Jason Grace || Leo Valdez || Frank Zhang || Nico di Angelo

Boys on Argo II: Percy Jackson; son of Poseidon, Jason Grace; son of Jupiter, Leo Valdez; son of Hephaestus, Frank Zhang; son of Mars, and Nico di Angelo; son of Hades

I'm sorry, but I had a fangirl moment when she brought up Graham. He is never mentioned anymore it's like she forgot him, so little moments where she acknowledges the fact that she cared about him make me happy.

"Neal, Graham, even Walsh. I lost everyone, I can't lose you too" Killian and Emma