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A coalition of concerned parents, teachers mathematicians, school board members who support real math and world class math standards. Math humor but no fuzzy math.

Endless Pinabilities!: A Little Math Humor ;-)

I love fractions. I love teaching fractions. and it seems the kiddos are loving learning about fractions. I busted out some fraction strip.

Math humor and logic.  Great to put up in the classroom #mathhumor

Mr Smith buys 64 watermelons, eats of them the first day, and of the remaining watermelons each day thereafter.Can Mr Smith ever eat all 64 watermelons. Motivate your answer.

Where was this quote when I took math?!

Funny pictures about Seriously Math. Oh, and cool pics about Seriously Math. Also, Seriously Math.

30 réponses absolument mythiques sur d'innocents panneaux de signalisation ! La 18 tient vraiment du génie

Beware of new speed limit signs. Solve incorrectly or don't solve in time = get a ticket.i'd be in some serious trouble!

Pi Day - coming up!! - Sugar Bee Crafts

Pi Day - coming up

Do you know what Pi Day is? If you do, welcome to geekdom 🙂 For those non-nerds, you may remember that the number “pi” is (and on and on) and so math-types like to celebrate Pi on March – you know, – – get it?

Math jokes

Math jokes

Learning First Tutoring's Math Humor Gallery

The Enlightenment opened the path of independent thought and new knowledge emerged from the fields of mathematics, astronomy, physics and medicine.


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