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You shouldn't judge what type of girl someone is by the clothes they wear. rs. That's disrespectful, ignorant, and childish. #grow up #besmart

FEMINIST VIBES: This is true. As much as I wish women would respect themselves more and dress adequately. So yes, all women should be respected regardless of their clothes.

Forever #grateful. Let's #ActivateChange by continuing in their footsteps. #Femenism

Voting, college education, careers, birth control, the right to bodily autonomy. But the fight for equal pay and social respect is on the women of the future

Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself. Feminism is nothing to be afraid of.

13 Awkward Moments For Feminists The struggle is real. By Naoise Dolan. A budding feminist over here, and I can see how blooming feminists struggle