Yes move aside mortals

Best book EVER! If any of u have read Heros of Olympus I have a question for u. Do u feel the war between the giants was kinda a rip off litteraly pages of war and then the smaller book: the last Olympian. Had like 50 pages of war.


They are probably not in any fandom if they dont like Percy they wont know<<< in the Hunger Games we should test them on PJO things and watch them due mercilessly

When a mortal tries to change the subject from Percy Jackson... yup this true

When a mortal tries to change the subject from Percy Jackson. yup this true

Very poor choice of ponies, there. Flash Sentry and Shining Armor are two stallions who are known in the fandom for being useless and often in need of saving, which is the opposite of who Chiron is.

This is perfect! Besides the fact that Chiron is a white stallion. << It hard for that first picture to be accurate its from the Percy Jackson movies

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To be fair, they are good movies, but they're just nothing like the books. It's like a different book completely, but it doesn't immediately mean they're bad movies. There are lots of good parts to the movie as well.

yeah no one can be a child of Artemis and Hera said that she would never marry you idiots!

yeah no one can be a child of Artemis shes a maiden goddess and Hera is the goddess of marriage so she wouldn't kids with anyone other than Zues

Running. Sometimes if there's a sale.... Meanwhile in the Aphrodite Cabin............ o_O

We love you Drew. Just Kidding. But you other Aphrodite kids are fine. And Piper is still cool in my books.