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The Mysterious Lives Of Cats Captured In Black And White Photography

I did a search on for black and white and Yoda was in my top results. Viktoria, you've been pinned.) "Yoda" by Viktoria Haack, via

Um pouco de tudo: Qualidade de vida

"With one of the most bewitching sounds in the world, its purr, the cat persuades us that it thinks we are wonderful." Gag me with a spoon moment!

Créditos - alexgphoto

Imagens em preto e branco revelam a vida misteriosa dos gatos

** Wah-h-h ! Me wantz me ears back!"

Keep Calm: i poster alternativi

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

"This is my box. Are you looking at my box? Get away from my box!

tee hee

I will find a cat like this and I will name them Nightwing just like HTTYD :) :) :)

Bom dia...

Cat hug: great idea for shoot composition with people + pets.

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by Jan Igaard - Amazing photo of cat drinking water from the faucet

Hooooooly crap, there is too much cuteness in this one photo that my heart might explode!

What’s better than one cute cat nose? Two cute cat noses!

Amazing World beautiful amazing July 5 2014 orange tabby kitten climbing stuffed giraffe several times his size. their colors blend, the giraffe looks well-loved and oft-climbed

Black Cat in the window

reflection :: mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all.