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Just girly things Yep I can't live without music

and having literally thousands of songs. it's almost an accomplishment, except it's a little bit worthless as far as accomplishments go. :)

just girly things yesssss

I take it as a compliment when they say it, cause I just love it when I hear ppl say it! And I despise it when ppl think I'm NORMAL!!

Yeah everyone knows it and I'm not ashamed. Its who I am. Being normal is too boring.

Just Girly Things

SO true but sad it won't stay clean :( justgirlythings


haha yep that would be me in bed eating when i get home:)


never feel good enough. and that's who I am.

Just Girly Things

YEAH UHUH I only worry about the periods LOL more power to non-society conforming girls


thats one of the main reasons i make chocolate icing for a cake

...and that's who I am. found on Polyvore

i want to inspire someone- and that's who i am

Yes, this actually happens. Whether or not my friends think I'm to antisocial to like anyone. Doesn't happen often but it does happen.

Just Girly Things ~Boys

All of hunter Hayes' songs! And Ed Sheeran's songs! And Taylor Swift's songs! And One Direction's songs! I'll stop now.

Every Taylor Swift & One Direction song.

When you realize that starting highs hook officially ended my childhood... I guess I'm finally a teenager

Just Girly Things things that remind you of your childhood. i love swinging for that reason exactly!

I wish I could* be smart without studying? And seriously. Trying to study right now and nothing is sticking

Thatsmylittlefact this would save me sooo much time!

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Just Girly Things: Wishing You Could Find the Guy Version of Yourself

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