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I really am ♥

Yes, I am. :) Thank you God for all the people u put into my life. U gave me the best family ever, and some amazing times with them. thanks God.

Yeppp, pretty much:))

I"d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. and thats who i am.

Cuando su mano se calienta por sostener su café ♡

When your hand gets warm from holding coffee? I think "Just Girly Things" is running out of ideas.

Little mysteries, millions of miles away.

I love the night. I love the stars in the sky. It doesn't matter which wether it is as long as I look at the stars with you.


I be like "You trying to be bae. or nah?" Haha<<<<<lol maybe if I'm feeling outgoing

If you had one do-over in life, what would it be?

i would take that same trivial walk and go through the night thinking of you. And the pain, then, would again be overwhelmed by the illusion of seeing you again.

"I hate opening up to people when i break through my anxiety..   I feel so stupid afterwards"

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "I hate opening up to people when i break through my anxiety. I feel so stupid afterwards"