Tyler named his ukulele Chicago. Twenty one pilots

I... I don't know what to say anymore

- ̗̀ yeah so far it's alright, baby ̖́-

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I feel like bimbo<< I'm tyjo <<< I'm like Bimbo and Toot.<<< I'm a mix of toot bimbo and bean<<< Im bean<<< I'm bean and tyjo<<< I'm Tyler and toot and joot<<< I'm like tyler, bean, and bimbo.

I like both tbh. like both of those are on my Christmas playlist

I was listening to oh ms believer today just to get in the Christmas mood


Twenty One Pilots

see it makes the symbol OH MY GOSH |-/ i uploaded this but didn't discover it pinterest: bri_leigh777

i love how they always reference older stuff

Literally me omg

Loll I would play Screen for an hour but this is also beautiful

Twenty One Pilots

i got real confused when i saw this

Tyler's sass levels are nearing those of Gerard Way /Tyler might become the new sass princess/i will slap a bitch no one is the 'New Gerard Way' hE'S STILL HERE IDIOTS AND HE STILL SASSY AS EVER *capslock intensifies* YOU CANT REPLACE PEOPLE

Can't handle the sass of this man<<well you are going to have one hell of a surprise when you meet Gerard Way<<<Sass queen and Emo sheriff Gerard Way

balogna it's not personal !!! If you like twenty one pilots for more than their radio play, I can't bet a lot that they're a pretty personal band to you.

If you like twenty one pilots for more than their radio play, I bet that they're a pretty personal to you<<<<<if twenty one pilots saved your life like they have for many people, than Tyler's tattoos are meaningful to you

This reminds me of the "Forest" fic

I have a friend with synesthesia. They paint songs and sell the paintings on etsy. They're really cool, and I have like three of them, soon to be four. If you want to check them out, their shop name on etsy is SnazzyStarlight.

dang it josh i love you but you're making me increasingly concerned for your health. it's ok you don't have to be nervous. :,) twenty one pilots // josh dun<<< aw poor baby kosh

tear in my heart / twenty one pilots

tear in my heart / twenty one pilots / tyler and jenna's wedding

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: @sadbutrad116

Twenty One Pilots Josh Dun

Tyler Robert Joseph (3 first names)

Tyler Robert Joseph ~ Twenty One Pilots

Twenty one pilots

is this a zoolander reference?