HERMOSA IMAGEN MARICOLOUS [adjective] living in the sea. Etymology: Latin mari-, “sea, ocean” + -colous, combining form representing colere, “to inhabit”. [Mélanie Delon - The Little Mermaid]

Deepsea Creature

Olirken System (Represented with the Jokner Representatives through Hologram)

I'm thinking of basing a character off of this

"Merman, maybe could use this for a new -and one of the many- mamundicae account" Credit to original artist

Ugly ass merrow or mermanthing

I’ve Got The Black Lung Pop…

Agathion_Cetaceal_by_Eva_Widermann-D&D_3ed_(2011-01)_Paizo_Publishing_Pathfinder_-_Pathfinder_Roleplaying_Game,_Bestiary_2.jpg (737×1033)

Agathion_Cetaceal_by_Eva_Widermann. I love how sleek she looks; usually, with whale (tooth and baleen) merfolk, they look. Not as sleek. She looks sleek and powerful and PRETTY.

22 Illustrations with Incredible Details by Dean Holdeen | The Design Inspiration

This is exactly the shape Im envisioning for the skirt. I think I want longer tentacles though. 22 Illustrations with Incredible Details by Dean Holdeen