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Bulldog - Calm Courageous and Friendly

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English Bulldog TEACUP -- gave up on asking for pets a while ago but maybe just for fun i'll ask for my puppy this yr.

This puppy wants his dad to get up and go to the SAAC Office!

This little baby Bulldog pup loves to play rough house with her mom. And her mom doesn't mind a bit!


The simplest strategy for bouts of noxious flatus is to not care. Or perhaps to take advantage of a gastroenterologist I know: get a dog. (To blame.) - Mary Roach Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal -photo credit to the owner

Fluffy dogie

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All puppies are cute but chow chow pups have to be my favorite. How can you resist this teddy-bear-like fluff ball?

the all knowledgeable look, picking up on every word..

(the all knowledgeable look, picking up on every word.) Oh, I want another Bulldog puppy!


Funny pictures about Bulldog Puppy Sandwich. Oh, and cool pics about Bulldog Puppy Sandwich. Also, Bulldog Puppy Sandwich photos.

too cute for words sooo cute :)

What is this breed? ANSWER per Sherry Black Corgi. We can't see if this puppy has a tail, but if it has a tail, it is a Cardigan Corgi. If no tail, then it is a Pembroke Corgi. I have a 3 yr old Cardigan Corgi and she is tri-colored like this puppy.

Mini English Bulldog- Joel wants a bulldog- I want a kitten... This looks like a pretty great compromise!!

Mini English Bulldog- Joel wants a bulldog- I want a kitten. This looks like a pretty great compromise! [hard to teach a dog to use a litter box but dogs rarely sleep on your face.