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Such a good looking boxer Dogs Puppy Hound Pups Dog Puppies ___ Dogs Lover? Visit our website now!

What a Beautiful  Pair they are!!!! #BoxerDogs #BoxerLover #BoxerMom

when we had 2 boxers, male and female, they laid like this all of the time.

I want them aaaaaaaaaalllllllllll!  They all look like Summer when she was a baby!

Boxer puppies- a whole litter of fawns with black faces. My boxer came from a litter like this of

this boxer is soooo adorable!

Black & White Boxer puppy, Kiah, at 9 weeks - I'm a black and white boxer (reverse seal brindle)

Ok,  we're listening...

Emerald's Real Deal At Everlast (Vander) X Mi-T's Electrical Storm (Tesla) *I KNOW these two gorgeous Boxers!


Must Love Dogs! Jedi Whippet so sweet Boxer pup I'm tired!

I heard you say 'ride' Are we leaving?

Exactly the look Chase gets on her face when Papa says the "r" word.


This is a boxer thing. My boxer sits on my Great Dane when theyre outside. If the other dogs would let her she would make a puppy pile like this.

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That white part of the eye to me is magic. The money shot. Flash that white at me and you get anything boxer baby.

Jeffrey Feole's Boxer Gang! www.dailyboxer.com.  Yup, almost time for daddy to get home. Play time!

my two boxers are always looking out front window when I pull in drive. Makes my whole day instantly better



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Boxer – Energetic and Funny – Pup Home

Puppy breath heaven it would be. ♥ - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

2 little angels

Rocket Boxer Puppies - Week 8 aww makes me want another one. Looks like our two we have a fawn named Sugar and a brindle named Daisy!

Beautiful Boxer Dog

Beautiful Boxer Dog