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FINALLY!! I FOUND IT!! Enjoy this well, cuz it's the cutest thing you've ever seen in the world!!

Omg look at Hinata sooo freaking cute and kageyam as reaction is gold XD

「【HQ】ツイッテァ〜LOG」/「むさし」の漫画 [pixiv]

Kuroo waking up from sleeping in class and losing his slipper and cannot retrieve it *whispers* "pst! Yaku, pass the slipper" "No.

Cute :3

I suggest pouring away the soup, you have no idea the amount of dirt he has trekked into it

「【HQ】ツイッテァ〜LOG」/「むさし」の漫画 [pixiv] Haikyuu (lol Kuroo was writing to big and spaced and had to start cramming at the board XD)

Kuroo was writing too big/spaced and ended up crunching everything together as he got towards the end. I do this more often than I'd like to admit.

Haikyuu moms swap!! Iwaizumi in Fukurodani by Suncelia

Tell me if you find a mistake in the dialogues The next part: Paint Tool SAI, 2016 Haikyuu moms swap! Iwaizumi in Fukurodani

Their personality when they fighting

Their personality when they fighting

Aí meu Deus estou tendo um sangramento nasal nesse exato momento ¡¡

- Lev x Yaku