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Romantic Umbrellas - Stanislav Sidorov Cheery colors make this rainy day so fun! …shared by Vivikene

American painter Scott Mattlin is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit. This enthusiastic and sensitive joy is reflected strongly in his artwork. His work is executed in a vibrant, impressionistic style, which - while still retaining its representational roots, incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union..

Scott Mattlin, 1955

Pavel Guzenko, Ukranian Impressionist

X oil painting decorative painting - - butterfly painting - picture frame - - - fashion remove paint from hardware. A veteran painting .

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Kal Gajoum - Rainy day in Paris, sky looks good and the grey-ness is very nice, the street looks wet and puddly and the red umbrella stands out


Igor Sava The neutral colours give a lovely atmosphere to the painting, combined with the fading of the background, suggesting an afternoon haze.

Rain In The City, Stanislav Sidorov

Rain In The City-2 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Stanislav Sidorov

Umbrella painting, maybe some color in the rain? One person wet haired with no umbrella?