Mama & baby hippos | Hexaprotodon liberiensis – Zoo de Lisboa

Pygmy Hippopotamus - Mother and child.

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Print Collection - Adult and Baby Hippopotamus

Adult and Baby Hippopotamus

Hippos photographed at the National Zoo, Washington, D. by the National Photo Company between 1909 and

Panicky baby hippo running from the birds on its back.

Africa Panicky baby hippoThis new born hippo was not accustomed to the pecking of the oxpeckers started running to the safety of mum and water. Taken from a hippo hide on the banks of the Luangwa river

hippo handstand.

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Hippo ( kills more tourists on safari's that go wrong, than ANY other animal !! ) = They are quicker on land than People think ( animal tanks !! ) and are really fast on water ( they are also called water horses for a very good reason !!! ) their teeth are gargantuan and although herbivores preferring veg to meat / they kill as feel threatened when guarding their young ( so be careful near them on safari !! ) ☑️

nice Hippo ( kills more tourists on safari& that go wrong, than ANY other animal.

Pygmy hippos

10 of the cutest endangered species

Pygmy hippos These animals look similar to their larger hippopotamus relatives, but they grow to only about two and a half feet tall and are.

Hungry hungry Hippo!

Animals happy on a blue MondayIt may be a blue Monday, but at least the animals are happy! These hilarious shots show a variety of euphoric animals enjoying a hearty belly laugh.