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Viking boats and ships have been known since the ancient times for their beauty and robustness. Ship design ideas from the Viking ships are still used in modern ships. Learn 10 amazing facts about Viking ships.

Primero fue Vicky el Vikingo, después llegó Thor de la mano de Marvel y ahora Cómo entrenar a tu dragón y más fielmente la serie Vikings nos traen una vez más a la parrilla la cultura vikinga. Fier…

“La cultura vikinga es una de las culturas más idealizadas de la historia”

Picture of diamond mosaic painting landscape cross stitch crystal square diamond sets decorative diamond embroidery

Drakkar | Viking boat  ¤

The Dawn Treader. How many, many times have I dreamed of sailing the seven seas in search of the seven lords beneath her beautiful purple sail?

Search for plunder begins!

Naval Superiority by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano. The Iron Fleet - "Outfitted for War" card, GOT Card Game.

Ragnarok In Norse Mythology – The Doom Of The Gods And Apocalyptic Record Of The Coming Comet

The concept of fate dominates Norse mythology and to the Norse people, fate was a fact of life, something that could not in any way be avoided or changed.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

The most awesome images on the Internet

Vikings!! in their glorious longboat!

Read 10 Viking proverbs written in the Old Norse language from the gnomic poem Hávamál preserved in the century Codex Regius.