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Homestuck - Cronus Ampora x Mituna Captor - Crotuna

Everyone forgets that these two were actually really close :/

ok yah . wwhy the glubbin fuck does evvery one ignore these . is beautiful as shit fucks . still ganna fuckin exist no matter wwhat

Nepeta trying teach Sollux how to draw<<< that's mituna you uneducated noodle

it's the little things like this that make me want to glue sparkles to my nose and frolic around in the winding meadows large enough to be mistaken some big green ocean --- true true but this is weird cuz they can draw better than me lol

commission for itsy-britzy! (= hope you like itt!

I'm not sure if I ship Karkat and Nepeta because from where I am in the story (toward the very end of the first disk) it feels one sided.