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Dumb Poses Guys Make. So Im sure you've all seen the dumb poses girls make pic by now, heres the guy version. ease sign I dumb poses guies' make. God damn your ugly Why are you read


I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - Dont have Sex. You will get Pregnant Die. -Mean Girls Dont have Sex. You will get Pregnant Die. -Mean Girls

Pretty much. I just lay on the couch and wait to die..

A girl on her period. Period jokes Make me laugh everytime. Probably because I'm a monster.

Damn Africa, what happened?! #MeanGirls10thAnniversary pic.twitter.com/NZsxOx3Nem

Sexy Culonass ®🍑👯 on

Mean girls references never get old. Damn, Africa, what happened?

Haha this makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time ugh life sometimes

Click the link to see the full pic & story. the raptors one got me baaad

It's so true! @ Ashlyn Biddy   @Brandi Burnett @Gracia Gomez-Cortazar Puckett  @Katie Hrubec Childers

SO true! My face can make an impressive quadruple chin! thanks snap chat i have found my hidden talent. Hahha sister that's soo you!

Jenna Marbles. My girl. She knows how to... well... not cook... We have so much in common! ._.

Jenna is doing it right.

Haha!!! :)

Neil Patrick Harris on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson talking about Silly Bandz


The only time there is a smart blonde and dumb Asian! Sweet Life of Zach and Cody!

all about makeup (too much!

11 Worst Makeup Disasters - makeup fails, ugly makeup


Twilight Kristen Stewart Interview - Is it true that Jacob is gay? He fell in love with a girl who looks like a man? Her face!

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Signs You Were Raised By Lawyers

21 Jumpstreet - Must watch this again! SO funny! An actual laugh out loud movie :)


if only ALL men used their time this wisely while waiting for women to get ready.

What if all male characters posed like the female one?!

What if male comic book characters posed like female comic book characters? Ahahahahaha I'm dead.