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28 Pictures That Prove There Are Other People Like You In The World

After the exam the discussion after the test comparing answers in a huddle after…


Seriously, why do you care so much about my school life! What are you expecting me to say "OMG I LOVE school.


Funny pictures about Please make it a multiple choice. Oh, and cool pics about Please make it a multiple choice. Also, Please make it a multiple choice.

My reaction.. Yep only with family

Or any romantic part in a movie :I I'm just sitting there like: .^ Oh look the ceiling looks nice today.<<<<, that was me watching TFIOS with my dad. in the movies.with 3 of my friends.

That one person you don't like. Oh gosh it's bad but yep, this is my face exactly

Well if this isn't me

"Mom, I'm ti-" "I know Honey just a minute." *mom finishes conversation* "Okay let's go home." "Is that Miss Anna, hey girl!" "OH MY GOD MOM KILL ME NOW." <-- haha what kind of mom says hey girl?

most. accurate. thing. ever.... it's sad, because it's true... BUT DOES THIS GIRL CARE?! THE SINGLE LIFE IS FOR MEEEE! ;D

How can I have a boyfriend when I'm obsessed with the boys? There's literally no time

vasandhi subramanian's photo on Google+

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