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This is far too relatable - http://funny.starboyonline.net/funny/this-is-far-too-relatable

When you try to mix things up a bit, "hey! just maybe for today I'll go out with the crew" yeah! and then you remember why you don't go out with a whole bunch of crew.

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Lmaoo & only we understand the difference n these we ain't jus black!

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Doesn’t matter what people turn out looking like, just stop bullying people.

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They told me in pre k that I was ugly and now I'm going to make a "glo up" pic about it. <<Wow you went through puberty, something literally everyone goes through. Here's your gold star ⭐️

How the coddling of white women helps them in the justice system vs the abandonment of black girls who have to face sexism, racism and colourism

To the justice system. Both wrong in their own right with one having the complexion for the protection.

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30 Natural Hair Protective Styles You Can Try Now [Gallery]

Power of contouring. Rarely do i use foundation, I like to let my skin breath! all I need is concealer and bronzer.A : decepticon

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yes, one minute i could look really beautiful wearing contacts with braces, then i could look really ugly with glasses and braces the next minute. like excuse u face i want my bae to notice my beautifullness here!