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Caveman SpongeBob captures the complete and utter moments of panic we all experience. He may not be man's greatest artistic achievement, but he's close.

spongebob caveman memes Here Are 23 Of The Best Caveman SpongeBob Memes

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And then you deny you ever said anything

❥ˢᴬᵛᵛᵞ ᴿᴱᴮᴱᴸ♚

We shouldn't condone these things! They are not funny! Like one of the comments the person was real mad and he or she wanted the site deleted!

one time I slow danced alone, but then a cop (who was also a chaperone) told the dude standing next to me to dance with me. that's pretty much the only time ive danced with a guy

Definitely how my finals worked

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Fucking HATE this shit, especially after you've taken a toke?? Goddamn..

22 Way Too Real Situations That Are Best Explained By “SpongeBob” Memes


do you like potatoes?" *looks to friend to see if that was okay* *gives thumbs up but is rlly thinking* 'Dis bitch is gonna be forever alone'

As an actual diligent student who did nothing but freak out and work my tail to the bone at homework, this was the worst thing in school.