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http://tallncurly.com/ TELL ME WHY I WANT TO DO THIS? : >

LOL! Her cartoons are great

If we treated people with straight hair how curly haired people get treated.


Picture of downtown Oviedo chicken

Aww love

Love Don’t Bite - You are viewing Photo titled Love Don’t Bite – She’ll Bite They Said, 9 Months Later Still Only Kisses. from the Category Text & Quotes Tags: Animals Dogs Kids Perfect Clicks

Who are these ppl

Let us all remember the time before the Kardashian family knew about plastic surgery

Deja que estos tweets te hagan sonreír nuevamente.

Este increíble error de moda perruna:

This incredible fashion faux paw.its a "Barka"


Omg yes but my dog would be a straight up diva.

BAHAHAHA!!! And I love that it's her mom!!!! This would pretty much be my relationship with my momma.

Hahahahaha this mom is awesome. (and I can definitely see this being a conversation between my mom and me :P )

Don't trust me

Found on

Why you shouldn't trust me to fold clothes fresh out the dryer

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ----------------------------------------------------  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMhzSr4QTlU

Does a moustache really ruin a kiss?

Erkekler bu kadar kötümüydü?

Erkekler bu kadar kötümüydü?

Yes! Them angles.

This girl is the chosen one

I cannot stop laughing at this. One look at this and I just start up again!

Apparently not

News flash: 2 year old= zero upper body strength

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