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Books before boys because boys bring babies -


boobs and ass are appearance , fall for the heart instead that way we can be even

TheBahamianPrincess♚ That's what I be thinking. But if a guy says that he's an f boy and you need to run as far away as possible  DopeGirl SAMMIE ︻╦╤─

Right Lmfao😂😂they really be getting mad 2 lol

It's unfortunate but I see this is too true

it's funny cuz it's true

My son's girlfriend will have my number, just in case he forgets how to act like a gentleman

Wish all moms felt like this!

$poiled ✨

Hahah I love him


Lmao my thoughts as a teenager

Pinterest: @BitchImSavage

Pinterest: @BitchImSavage

LMFAO how does this bitch not care i got a man and im the one he comes home to

LMAO they don't know their self worth smh


This me asf ‼️😭

I suppose there's a few

Hating the Queen won't get you anywhere in life


Your choice buddy boy

•you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• @livylane

my whole freshman year tbh

I have censorship... I loose my shit with disrespectful mofos! I have no mute button!!!

Where is the chill button on this bitch mouth? she is disrespectful . you the dumb ass that don't know .