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Chani Clie

Chani Clie

Chani Clue

Chani Clue

Chani Clue

Chani Clue

I used to have a best friend The kind where forgetting our manners Stuffing our faces While talking shit about all sorts of fucked up stuff Stuff going on in our lives Or in our heads Telling secre...

Ever Miss Your Best Friend

Some times its not love at first sight! When i first met Justin the thought didnt even cross my mind.but it didnt take long for me to realize i wanted to spend forever with him! I didn't even write this

Starbuck coffee  thesiswork

Starbuck coffee thesiswork

Simple iris bouquet, easy to DIY My favorite flower... Had to repin

Simple iris bouquet, easy to DIY, don't like the treatment of the stems, though. Too blunt for me.

Yup...makin' 'em motherf**kin' birds!

All them shitty-ass problems you been bitchin' about? Let's make 'em birds. Yeah, they're motherfuckin' birds now.

Annoying Facebook Girl: omg im so in love with him…  http://omg-humor.tumblr.com freaking hilarious!

I watched Slumdog Millionaire Now I know Everything about India. I watched Slumdog Millionaire OMG Now I know Everything about India

Danzig 18x24 Brown, $32, now featured on Fab. Chani would like this.

Tan Danzig hand pulled large screen print by IScreenYouScreen