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Miyuuuki :D

Miyuuuki :D

Just a little Valentine poem for my love

Nobody likes Anime Nobody likes Chibi Nobody likes Manga My name is.

Aww man shit's just got real

Funny pictures about Anime Lovers Know This Feeling. Oh, and cool pics about Anime Lovers Know This Feeling. Also, Anime Lovers Know This Feeling photos.

Kagami speaks the truth!

KnB - Philosophical Kagami "You say deep things sometimes, Kagami-kun.

YES One Sentence Descriptions of animes

Pretty much, yeah<<<"God dammit, Eren" accurate xD

Anime Facts - Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuroshitsuji, Toradora! and Noragami

Not to mention Levi and Yato share voice actors Levi / Attack on Titan - Sebastian / Black Butler - Ryuuji / Toradora - Yato / Noragami

Gintama vs Sket Dance...That was the episode I only saw 5 mins of it and was laughing til I cried X'D

Gintama and Sket Dance

49.media.tumblr.com 33441508a44f4a2d55c943fc39b8d126 tumblr_o6a44gQbjW1rj5wvoo1_540.gif

Reaction to a horror movie or something.

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