Lines. Optical illusion created using repetition of waved lines. A sense of movement is achieved.

i am a dreamer

I like this because it is very pleasing to the eye with the mainly black background and the very fine and thin bright white lines through out it, in strands or clusters. it does a great job of showing pattern and gradient.


Line - This is an example of line because all of the lines drawn lead into the middle hole. All of the lines together like this lead your eyes in to the hole that is in the picture.

Papier Peint Frekvenssi

Papier Peint Frekvenssi - Marimekko

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This piece made the illusion of there being hills by creating separations in the black with the negative space. fiore-rosso: the grid / daniel heydecke.

Optical Illusions: Sight-based illusions

Optical Illusions: Sight-based illusions

Look at Op Art and Bridget Riley.Optical illusions can work in a variety of ways, and have many classifications. To simplify, illusions can work because of how eyes and vision.