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Julenek for the birdies. A Norwegian Christmas tradition. On a window for the kitties to watch

Juleneg - On Christmas morning in Scandinavia every gable, gateway, or barn-door, is decorated with a sheaf of grain fixed on the top of a tall pole, wherefrom it is intended that the birds should make their Christmas dinner.

Love it love it love it- fruit for a fall wedding centerpiece

Non-floral centerpieces 2.0

Clever centerpiece concept -- fill a vase with fruit in colors matching your wedding. When the wedding's over, eat the fruit.

R u f f t & S ö t t

R u f f t & S ö t t

Just hang it on my front door, please!

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Simple white orchid table centerpieces with adjacent votive candles. Just shove any flower down into a long skinny vase, with or without water, put some votives between Simply exquisite!

ℓ ί ℓ ʝ o r & t u ℓ p a n ҽ r

ℓ ί ℓ ʝ o r & t u ℓ p a n ҽ r