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Pet Hospital, Torres Vedras, 2013 - Arkstudio

People love pets more than children in our society and new innovative companies are constantly popping up to monetize on this. The Portuguese multidisciplinary group Ark Studio tried to figure out a new way to design a pet hospital.

REN'S Tumblr

i like the idea of something with the ceiling that keeps it lights.like wires/lights/plants.

Love the lettering that's hanging above the shelves

Paper and Tea in the Mitte area was so charming! Got lost in there for a while and blissed out Berlin is all about the different fla.

Love what they did with this container. I'd love to have one in the garden.

花瓣网-p Up Shop Design / Retail Design / Semi Permanent Retail Fixtures / VM / Retail Displayhop

Inside The Mill, Now Caffeinating Divis - Eater SF

Inside The Mill, Now Caffeinating Divis

hanging crates.. I like this idea but, I do not know one person who had that much space to take up in a room so, I think it would be cute outside being used to plant herbs or flowers.

Good way to recycle crates/box's, use as hanging shelves hanging display-- Such a good display idea for a pop-up shop--Popup Republic

Japanese & Taiwanese homeware store, Native & Co, Notting Hill

A Stylish Find / Native & Co


Streets of Georgetown store by Jeffrey Hutchison, Washington, D. store design ♥Love this idea for a walk in closet