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Mitch lucker-Tony Perry-Alex Gaskarth-Kellin Quinn-Austin Carlile-Jaime Preciado-Mike Fuentes-Vic Fuentes-Ronnie Radke-Andy Biersack yes to all but Ronnie I'm not a fan of his I don't think idk though I get mixed up sometimes

Wow! She has the same hair as me! But I want that dye :3

Prima-donna level skillz// it looks like cotton candy :D <--- she transformed into Effie Trinket

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Lol Vic Fuentes and Austin Carlile. Pierce the Veil. Of Mice & Men.

That makes me want to cry. I know some people who do this to themselves, and I have a message to my followers: I love you and I am proud of you. I'm here for you. Message me if you're upset. I will listen to your problems. Take them off your chest, you don't need any burden weighing you down. Talk to me.<< I don't know anyone personally but if anyone wants to talk I'm here for you guys. I hate it when people are upset and ill be glad to help. Just please don't do this to yourself

Seeing scars like that on him kill me. Vic Fuentes, lead singer/screamer for the band Pierce The Veil.

"BLACK VEIL BRIDES STUFF!!" by fashionista8990 ❤ liked on Polyvore

"Never let anyone convince their way is better than your way" that I truly inspiring. Also, who can possibly be better than the WAY BRITHERS!